Healthy greetings from Olive Girl!
Who is Olive Girl? She is an avid wellness enthusiast who has always been on a quest for healthy products to boost quality of life.
Members of her family, including herself, have been challenged to live with autoimmune disorders. Olive Girl is constantly exploring and educating herself on ways to improve the health of herself and her loved ones. Through this journey, she has discovered the liquid gold that is olive oil and its true healing power. 
When visiting friends in Boulder, Colorado in 2019, Olive Girl was introduced to Healthy Harvest products by its founder and owner at a farmers market on a beautiful Saturday morning. Since then, she has been learning more about the extraordinary benefits and unique properties of Healthy Harvest products. Olive Girl has seen incredible improvement in her own health and wellness, from daily consumption of these high quality goods.
She became so passionate about the importance of sharing these items, that she created Olive Girl in order to make these amazing products available to you and your family.
Extend the olive branch with us!